About this website

Maker Hangout is a place where a maker can come go to get information, inspiration or just check up on what is going on in the Projects section.

So why create a website like this?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved to make things.   My favorite class in grade school was shop!   In High School my elective was Industrial Arts.   Afterwards I went on to study Electrical Engineering and when I graduated I started working in hardware development at a small company.  Making and creating new things is something I grew up doing!

I’ve worked in “High Tech” companies, both large and small throughout my entire career.   I’ve worked as a hardware developer, project manager, program manager and product manager.  

In my spare time I liked to make things by either building projects or renovating my home.    My most recent projects have been a CNC router and a 3D printer.  I have also made a number of Mechatronic projects using Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi.

You might say that being a Maker is in my DNA. This site will hopefully be interesting to people with a similar genetic makeup 🙂

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